Crosswalk Repair on Ceremonial Rd. at Trafalgar Campus

October 22, 2018

Crosswalk Repair on Ceremonial Rd. at Trafalgar Campus

The interlock crosswalk which spans the width of Ceremonial Rd. is scheduled to be repaired from Oct. 22 to 27 at Trafalgar campus. The crosswalk will be rebuilt with a new design to improve the road’s performance over time with heavy traffic. The road and crosswalk are intended to be functional at the end of the 27th but will receive a final tactile and colour patterning in the summer of 2019.  As well, this crosswalk will be updated to be AODA compliant.

During this time, GO and Oakville buses will alternatively stop along Trafalgar road. Access to the Trafalgar campus is available through Sheridan College Dr. which is further North along Trafalgar Rd. Due to the nature of outdoor work, inclement weather could delay the scheduled completion time. If this should happen, the delay shall be communicated.


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